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1.Why Should We Buy From You Instead Of Regular Offline Retail Shop?

    Yes, online shopping is a better choice. There are many reasons why online shopping is better than offline shopping.

     The main benefit ofonline shopping Is Saving time ,Comparison of prices ,Fewer expenses ,

     Send gift ,Variety,Convenience.

   1)Organizing your finances is easy :

    You won’t have to worry about receipts ever again when you shop online.All records of your safely save on your id You can view it in future

    2) Pay with a credit card safely,even to small merchants :

      Using credit cards to pay for online shopping is good choice

    3)Always find the best deals : 

     Online stores offers exclusive sales, you can find best deals here rather than the offline.

   4)No more waiting in line and pushing through crowds :

    While shop online you can stay in the comfort at your home.

   5 )Find items you might not see in stores : 

     Online, you can find their entire inventory, along with many choices of styles,colors, and even customization   options.Shop on the Internet,so you can find exactly what you want                                     

    6)The Internet never closes : 

      You can shop anytime online 24 hours a day 7 days a week Ship your gifts directly. When you order     online, customization options.oeven  have gift baskets delivered directly to their  recipient.

2.What Fabrics Are You Using For Make Shirts? 

We use 100% natural export quality fabrics,Cottons is Egyptian giza cotton imported directly from soktas Egyptian mill,and we also import some fabrics from internationally reputed brand, Some shirts Made from linen, valued the world over for its softness and the ability to keep you cool and fresh.Our fabrics are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage, and in certain cases, treated with Enzymes to give a softer,more comfortable feel.Our most of the fabrics we india’s 135 years old Mill.

3. What Is The Best Way To Contact You?

You can call us on company’s customer care no. all ways happy to listen you

4.Can we feel the fabric before ordering?

We offer sample fabrics that the customers can touch and feel before ordering. All you need to do make a payment of Rs. 500 here and contact us for choice of 5 fabric As soon as payment is done, we will credit your account with Rs. 200 which you can use against the purchase of one shirt.In effect, you are charged nothing for that.

 5.Do I need to create an account to order a shirt?

Not necessary,but is is beneficial to you that you can manage your account

 6.If Shirts is out of stock,will it be available in future?

Our monopoly is that we buy single design only one time,then we only purchase new collection each and everytime ,but if possible we will do that as per customer requirement

 7. Will my measurements be saved for future orders?

Yes ,but you should sign up for that

 8. What are the shipping costs?

We provide free shipping for all orders placed in India.

 09.  Do you offer custom made shirts?

Yes,we provide custom made shirt facility for your choice but shipping for that is takes some more times than regular time,may be around 5-7 days.

 10.Why is my order delayed?

Orders are usually delayed due to supply chain and courier problem. If your order is delayed just write us on contact@hamercop.com,we will try our best for you

 11.How do I know what size will fit me?

We have statndard size chart fermo which is put on website and we also provide measurement guidelines for customer convenience

 12.What are the payment mode do you offer

   1.cash on delivery

   2.debit card/credit card

   3.internet banking

   4.cash deposit in to hamercop account

   You can also directly,deposit or transfer to 'HAMERCOP' HDFC A/C No.50200033010433,

   IFSC Code:HDFC0000889

 If you are facing of the any kind of problem like unable to place order,payment failure,coupon code not working you can contact our customer care service by mail or what’s up or call

13.Howmany days taken for delivery of my products after put order?

We usually takes  3 to 5 days in case of regular order and 7 to 8 days in case of custom shirt order and 46/xxxl size. 

14.I wants to return/replace the products?

Don't worry sir,you are secure with 30 days return facillity.

Please write us at contact@hamercop.com,team will guide yoy regarding this.

15 .Regarding cash on delivery

  We provide cash on delivery  in all over india  where service available by our courier partner

Placing "cash on delivery" order and refusing it at the time of delivery is considered as a fraudulent activity and the same is a punishable cybercrime. Place "cash on delivery" order only if you are 100% sure and you want to accept the parcel

1)I want to pay by card at the time of delivery

Card payment is not available in "cash on delivery". If you want to use card then pay online using our online payment options.

2)I want to open the package before payment and the time of delivery

We won't allow to open parcel before payment,Each parcel is having insurance, so no one can open it before paying the full order amount. Though we have 30 days "No Question Asked" Return policy. If you don't like the product then you can ask for full refund or free exchange.